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Tips for Redesigning Your Website

Tips For A 2015 Redesign

Any website can use a good redesign every couple of years.  Bringing your web presence up to date to utilize the latest in functionality. Even Microsoft has embraced new design philosophies using more flat design styling. Responsive lightweight websites are the direction you want to be heading.


The majority of your sites users could be accessing your page on their phones, tablets or a traditional computer. This means that you want your page to look good on all of these platforms. Essentially be platform independant. This is referred to as responsive design.


Starting with a simple landing page is a good thing. You want to tell a story as the user scrolls through the site. Twitter’s Bootstrap framework has grown to become an easy and fast way to launch responsive websites. Bootstrap is a great place to start to implement a web solution quickly and have it look super good on all devices. Bootstrap was made open source in 2012 and has surged in popularity and ease of use. Bootstrap has the mobile first design standards built in and is fully optimized to take advantage of the mobile smartphone and tablet landscape.


Key Points Of Your Redesign


  • Keep your layout simple – Clean design, crisp photography
  • Content should tell a story – Scrolling through your page should unfold effortlessly
  • Social validation – Twitter and Facebook integration is also great for sharing your content.
  • Graphic design – Is your design hurting or helping the look of your site? A clean logo represents pride in your brand and it should be a focus of branding. Your own unique style should be reflected in your design


Look at your competitors

Dont be afraid to takes notes from your competition. Their website could be a great resource to find out even more about what your prospective customers or users may be interested in. Also discuss your design plans with an experienced web designer.

Website Cost

How Much Does a Website Cost ?

The cost of a website includes the domain name purchase, web site design, hosting and maintenance.

If you’re selling a product or service, the cost of your website should more than pay for itself from internet sales.


Website Design Cost

The main initial cost is in designing the web site. The cost will vary depending on the number of pages you require, dedicated page template design requirements, logo design, graphics and photo enhancements, the quality and completeness of the content that we receive from you, special forms and scripts, e-commerce facilities, search engine optimization (seo).

Free Consultation
We provide a number of free hours consultation so that we can understand the needs of your website and your objectives. The consultation can be done at our offices in the United States or Europe, your site if local to us, or online. During the consultation period, we will provide you with a quotation for designing, publishing and maintaining your web site.

Website Design Estimate
Assuming the website content that you provide to us requires just a few changes, the cost of a 5 to 10 page website is around 450-750. Note that once your website design and layout has been established, then the cost per web page becomes less.

Additional Services
The following additional services are charged at our hourly rate:

bullet The design of special forms and scripts.
bullet Photo and image restoration, enhancements.
bullet Secure online payments via PayPal.
bullet E-commerce shopping facilities.
bullet Logo Design, banners.
bullet Updates and changes.


Keeping Costs Down
To keep your website design costs low, we encourage you to carefully prepare your web page content. This not only saves our time, and your money, but also helps the success of your website by attracting more visitors.

website design

website design

website design

Designing an Effective Business Website

Website design that satisfies search engines, visitors and customers in fulfilling what they are seeking.


Search Engine Friendly Website

There are clearly many Advantages in Having a Business Website, but the most wonderful looking website in the world is no good if it can’t be seen. Your web site will need visitors and the majority of these come from search engines. If your web site is not listed with the search engines, or does not respond well to search engine queries, then it will receive few visitors.

Good website design incorporates search engine friendly characteristics at the design stage. We favour a website design for Google, since

Bullet It’s probably the most popular search engine.
Bullet A website design optimised for Google will attract additional search engines
Bullet In our view, the way that Google lists and ranks websites is fair.

When designing a website, it helps to know How Search Engines Work and understand what they’re looking for in each of your web pages. With this knowledge, the content of each of your web pages can be arranged to create a more search engine friendly website. This very important aspect is just part of a Checklist of Search Engine Optimisation Criteria.

The quality of a web page text content is one of the most important ranking criteria used by search engines, especially the page title and description. After all, it’s the first thing consumers will see in the search engine results before they decide to visit your web site. It is therefore time well spent in constructing a Good Page Title and Description.

Knowing How to Write Good Business Web Pages will certainly raise the listing of your web page in the search engine results and drive more visitors to your web site. But text alone is not enough to keep the interest of your visitors. You also need a Visitor Friendly Website, which is summarized below.


Visitor Friendly Website

A visitor friendly website is designed to meet your visitors’ expectations and fulfill what they are searching for.

The website design and its interaction with the visitor must be easy, seamless and intuitive. However, many potential visitors can be lost through frustration and irritation. How often have you waited for a website to load, only to go elsewhere ? How often have you arrived at a website, only to be overwhelmed with confusing graphics, distracting content, poor navigation, small print or more image and style than substance ?

As a minimum, a visitor friendly website is designed to attracts and retain visitor interest by providing:

Bullet Fast loading pages.
Bullet Content that matches the visitors’ search term.
Bullet Clean web page design that can be assimilated at a glance.
Bullet Professional looking web page design that conveys confidence.
Bullet Presentation that enables information to be quickly found.
Bullet Consistent ‘feel’ throughout.
Bullet Intuitive and descriptive navigation links.
Bullet Easy to read font size and style.
Bullet Color scheme that is easy on the eye.
Bullet Web site design that is compatible with both MAC and PC, as well as the most popular browsers.
Bullet Web pages that are resizable to any computer screen.
Bullet Web site design that also provides for the disabled.
Bullet Interoperable web pages with validated HTML.

After a visitor has arrived on your web site, Graphic Considerations will play an important part in whether that visitor will stay, or leave. The correct use of graphics and images will create visitor interest and help toward sales.


Converting Visitors into Customers

Once you have a visitor and search engine friendly website in place, your online business will be in good shape for converting visitors into customers. Your customers will also have a user friendly portal through which they can communicate and interact with you and your online business.


Protecting Your Online Privacy

A key objective of an effective web site design is to attract visitors who are interested in your products and services. But, there are also less friendly visitors in cyberspace who are more interested in exploiting the information you reveal about yourself as a web site owner.

During the creation of an online business website, we implement measures to make your details invisible to the majority of unfriendly visitors. We believe that protecting your privacy is a further important element of effective web site design.

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